Busy Doing Nothing

With the slight concern about the clutch yesterday, and with the weather promising to stay just as hot and sunny for several days, we decided to declare a domestic day.  We’d already slept through Rob delivering us a parcel (though I was woken by the rocking of the boat).

We have tidied away a number of things.  Can you spot that the tandem is not in the saloon any more?  There is still a lot of stuff to find homes for, but it is starting to feel manageable.


Bartimaeus Moored
Moored up for a Domestic Day

A number of minor niggles have resolved during the day.  I have been unable to catch up on the Tour de France since we came down here.  I couldn’t watch it on the telly – I thought that was a problem with some part of the boat’s systems.  While chatting with ex-colleagues I’ve discovered that the problem is with the ITV Hub.  It turns out that I can watch it on the laptop, so now I just have to find four or five spare hours….

Much more significantly, Rob from Ortomarine came back (again) this afternoon to look at the clutch problem.  He’d had further correspondence with Hybrid Marine and now had an excellent answer for us.  The updated manual (newer than the boat) suggested a problem that might happen with a new clutch.  It turns out that our clutch was brand new!  It was refitted while the boat was de- watered and so had never been bedded in.

A few blips of the engine at full throttle while tied to the bank and we’re good to go.  Marks out of ten for customer service – at least eleven!

We’ve finished the day with a walk around the local area as the sun was going down.

Sun going down over the River Severn