Chirpy, chirpy, cheep, cheep

Rain stopped so good for a walk in the RSPB reserve and there was a lot of bird noise last night. Wish I knew their calls. There were a couple of hides facing a pond. Most were birds we have already seen (coots, Canada geese, mallard,swan)  but the concentration in one place was much greater than in the canal. Think there was an egret too and perhaps a lapwing and being wet lots of slugs and snails. “The Wetlands path” was living up to its name so we turned around.

Headed off and were lucky to catch the pump out station and diesel just before they closed for lunch. Very chirpy lady serving us! Got to have a good sense of humour to work there, methinks. 

Round the corner at Fazeley junction were much larger bird sightings!


was that a kingfisher?